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Current student tenants

Maintenance Issues

If you find a fault in your property please report it to MBA by email as soon as possible so that we can arrange for an appropriate contractor to attend. The contractor will usually attend within 48 hours and will be given your contact details so they can make arrangements as necessary.

Out of Hours

On the office answer phone (0114 2676267) there is an emergency contact number. This is only for serious problems that cannot wait until the office reopens and calls made for non emergency issues will be charged to the tenants. You will also find a list of emergency numbers in your property handbook and on the notice board.

Light Bulbs

It is the tenants responsibility to change all lightbulbs except strip lights or encased fittings such as those found in the bathroom. If you are unsure what type of bulb you need or can’t reach the light fitting please call the office.


The keys you are given to your house are on a protected system and cannot be copied. If you lose your keys you must inform MBA immediately, it may be necessary to replace the door locks and all keys at the tenant’s expense.


Unfortunately student properties are targets for burglaries and you should be vigilant in keeping your property secure. Always keep the doors locked and never leave ground floor windows open when you are not in the room. If your house has a burglar alarm, use it!

Rubbish Collection

The bins are emptied on alternate weeks by Veolia and your bin day can be found on Your house should have a black bin for general waste and a blue recycling bin and a blue recycling box. If the wrong rubbish is put into a bin OR the lid will not close the bin will not be emptied. Rubbish left on the floor will also not be taken. Please ensure you remember to put the bin out the night before your collection and bring it back in the same day – failure to do so can result in fines from the council. If you put the wrong rubbish in bins, leave rubbish on the floor or fail to put your bins out you will be charged by MBA for extra collections.


If you are missing a manual for any appliance in your property please look on where you will find manuals for most appliances for free.


If you are unsure how to use your central heating please look up the manual online or contact the office. The timer setting is the most economical way of using a boiler – setting the heating to come on for a few hours in the morning and again at night. To do this you must set the timer – this will either be an analogue clock or a digital display. With both clocks you should ensure the current time is set correctly then, with an analogue clock you pull out the pins for the times that you wish the heating to come on. For a digital clock you need to set the times that you wish the heating to come on and go off again. Again, you will find instructions online for each type of clock.

Boiler pressure

If your heating isn’t working the first thing to check is the pressure. If you are unsure how to do this please watch this video which should help . Worcester boilers (and some other makes) are slightly different and have an internal filling key, see this video

Condensation & Mould

Many houses, if not managed correctly can become damp and mouldy. Mould forms in cold damp corners and can be cleaned off with anti fungal cleaners or bleach. Damp is often caused by condensation which, when reduced, will stop the problem recurring. To reduce condensation a balance of heating, ventilation and insulation is required. Reducing the amount of moisture in the house will also help – not drying clothes in rooms, ensuring the bathroom extractor fan works, keeping lids on pans when cooking all help reduce further moisture being released into the air.

Sheffield City Council have produced the following leaflet which can be downloaded here and the NHS give good advice here –

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